Heli's Story
I sometimes wonder if your destiny is determined at an early age - luckily I feel that mine was. Coming from an Estonian background, steeped in the tradition where cooking came from the heart and not the pages of a cookbook, my mother's love for cooking taught me the joys of experimenting in her kitchen. Not only was it filled with fabulous aromas from our creations but equally rewarding were the sounds of family, friends and the intoxicating ambience of love and laughter.  My mother, Ulle also taught me the joys of creating through designing and sewing beautiful clothes. This inspired me to attend and graduate Ryerson University. 
Karen & Heli
I enjoyed a satisfying career for a number of years in fashion but it was not long before I was lured back to my culinary endeavours through my love of chocolate and Heavenly Sweets was born. Hand- rolled truffles in a multitude of flavours and textures along with my infamously decadent buttery "caramel cookies", still one of our most sought after "heavenly treats" were just a few of the sweets I loved to create and share.

By combining both my flare for fashion and design along with my passion for baking, I had the best of both worlds. Creating beautifully gift boxed "Heavenly Sweets", I was now supplying gift shops across Canada with decadent gifts of chocolate. Having always enjoyed our family life in Collingwood, it was natural to locate and open my first boutique chocolate gourmet shop in neighbouring Thornbury. So much fun, however there was still one key ingredient missing in my blissful equation. What I really wanted was to share in the company of friends and family. Stories and laughter reminiscent of all my fond memories shared around the dining room table surrounded by my mothers's fabulous cooking and hospitality. 

 And so in 2010 I opened a dessert cafe in Collingwood which has now become so much more than desserts. We are now Heavenly Cafe - a European style cafe where my dreams have become a reality. Now that we are fully licensed, the cafe experience is even more enjoyable. Friends old and new can sit back, relax in the comfort of our elegant cafe and enjoy a relaxing afternoon or evening sipping on a nice glass of wine, sharing good food and laughter. Our enthusiasm for creating fond memories has always been at the top of my list and I feel very fortunate to have our manager, Karen Henderson by my side, sharing in my values of warm greetings, friendly smiles and a welcoming experience. I raise a glass to toast my wonderful family who taught me how important it is to take the time to enjoy life's simple pleasures and I welcome you to join us at Heavenly Cafe and to share in our "heavenly experience" 

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